DVS Science Pre-university College

In 1966, D.V.S. Science P.U. College has established with D.V.S. Composite Degree College. Our College has a history of fifty years.










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The admission process for the first year P.U.C. begins after the announcement of the S.S.L.C results. The admission will be made under the guidelines and rules framed by the Pre University Board, Bangalore and Reservation facilities as per the Government of Karnataka.



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1.Sandesh N,Incharge Principal,Kannada
2.Sowmya M I, Lecturer,English
3.Manjunath S B, Lecturer,Physics
4.Hina Anjum Kouser, Lecturer,Chemistry
5.Kumara Swamy S.K, Lecturer,Mathematics
6.Sahana G.J, Lecturer,Biology
7.Reshma Kouser,Lecturer,Urdu

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About DVS Science Pre-university College

DVS Science P.U. College is Government aided institution, Our management has grater role in the development, maintenance of institution reputation in the society. Our college is consisted of comfortable lecturing halls, well equipped laboratory, separated rest room and other basic needs are provided for both boys and girls. We have provided remedial classes for these students who are finding difficulty to score more. We have given a each student report to their parents about their attendance and educational progress of that academic year. Besides this, We have provided CET training to the students from the starting period of academic year itself. To make students as intellectuals our college has mended them by providing moral education disciplinary life, responsibility, commitment on work, Time management, patience, concentration tranquility etc. By providing all these things to the students our college has become a part of education revolution and we will be in future.

Vision and Mission
To strive to become an institution of excellence in the field of primary education, to provide value-based, career oriented education to ensure integrated development of human potential for the service of mankind.
Our mission is to realize our vision through,
1. Promoting and facilitating education in conformity with the statutory and regulatory requirements.
2. Planning and establishing necessary infrastructure and learning resources.
3. Supporting faculty development programmes and continuing education programs.
4. Initiating and sustaining meaningful research activity.
5. Promoting institution–industry interaction and collaboration at all levels.
6. Ensuring harmonious and mutually rewarding relationships among all stakeholders of the institution.



Rules and Regulations :

• At the time of admission ,the Student should pay the fees towards Admission, IA test, Sports, Library, Reading Room, Student Welfare, Teacher’s Welfare Fund, ID Card, Laboratory and Tuition as prescribed by the university.
• SC, ST and Cat-I Students are eligible for fee concession as per government rules.
• The Students can avail concession in tuition fees by furnishing income certificates as per the limit prescribed by the government.
• Students are required to be in their respective class rooms 5 minutes before the commencement of classes.
• Attendance will be marked for each Hour allotted to a Subject. Students are required to put in not less than 75% Attendance in individual Subjects(see the Kuvempu University Rules).
• Attendance is compulsory on the College re-opening day.
• Students should compulsorily appear for the Tests and Term Examinations.
• Students are required to participate in the National Day/Festival Programmes organized by the College.
• All the students are required to participate in the activities and functions conducted by various Associations / Clubs of the College.
• Students are advised to make use of the library facilities whenever they do not have classes.
• Students are advised not to bring large amount of cash or other valuable items to the College. They have to take care of their belongings.
• No student shall leave the college premises during class hours without the Lecturer’s permission.
• If a student is absent due to sickness, Medical Certificate should be produced.
• If a student cannot appear for the Internal Examinations / Tests on health grounds (no other reasons are entertained) the matter should be reported by student or his/her Parent/Guardian to the Principal.
• Students are required to behave properly. The College reserves the right to dismiss any student if his/her behavior tarnishes the image of the College.
• Use of Cell phones by the students on the Campus is banned. Cell Phones, if found with the students will be confiscated.
• Students have to be polite when they deal with the members of the staff.
• Unnecessary Loitering on the corridors is not the tolerated.
• Irregularity in attendance, discourtesy to Staff Members, habitual inattention and late coming, neglect of work, obscenity in word or act will attract disciplinary actions such as fine, suspension and dismissal.
• Willful damage caused to the College property will be recovered from the students.
• The College will not be responsible for the conduct of the students outside its premises. However, it will take note of the offence and action will be initiated according to the nature and magnitude of the offence.
• Students should not raise funds, organize functions, convene meetings without the permission from the Principal.
• Use of tobacco, alcohol or any other intoxicants is banned in the premises.
• Books, Magazines, Newspapers etc., not approved by the Principal are not allowed to be brought to the College.
• Those students who come to the College by Two Wheelers, should have a valid Driving License. To avoid noise pollution and disturbance, the Vehicles should be fitted with Silencers. Students should park their vehicles only in the place allotted. The College does not provide parking slot for Four Wheelers of the students.
• Educational tours / Industry visit / Field visits are to be organized with the prior permission of the Principal. For all such programmes written permission of the parents is required.
• After class hours no student is expected to remain on the Campus unless there is a program or sports / games practice.

Scholarship :

*National Merit Scholarship.
*Physically Handicapped Scholarship.
*Post Metric Scholarship for SC and ST Students.
*Ex Service Men Scholarship for Children’s of Ex Service Men.
*Department of Minorities Post Metric Scholarship for Minority Students.

Library :

The College library has 15,000 books fulfilling the curricular needs of the undergraduate students. Our college has an excellent Library with all modern facilities. It contains a well classified and extensive collection of books. All books in the library have been computerized. Reading room of the college library should be used only for quiet study. Students are not permitted to speak to their friends in the reading room. A student shall be permitted to enter the library only on depositing his/ her identity card at the library counter. Library is open to students, members of the staff.Students can also have access to internet.
All Working Days:9-00 AM to 5-00 PM

Alumini Club :

Office Staff :

1.Shivakumar C.S, Clerk
2.Vedavathi M, Clerk
3.Manjunatha K.H, Attender
4.Sarala Devi B.N, Attender


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PUC Combinations
Physics,Chemistry, Mathematics,Biology(P.C.M.B)
Languages:English/Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit/Urdu (Two languages are to be Opted)



Procedure: Admission to PUC through counseling. In the year 2008-09, the DVS Management took a revolutionary step to admit the students to PUC in the four PU colleges run by the management through a common counseling process. The counseling process for PUC admission was well received and appreciated by the public and academicians as it is totally transparent, just and fair. The single window system of admission has helped the public and students to cut down expenditure on the purchase of application form and prospectus and save time. Counting on the benefits of this system to the public, the management has decided to adopt the same system for PUC admissions for the academic year 2016-17 also.





Department of English

1.Sowmya M I, Lecturer

Department of Kannada

1.Sandesh N,Lecturer

Department of Physics

1.Manjunath S B, Lecturer

Department of Chemistry

1.Hina Anjum Kouser, Lecturer

Department of Mathematics

1.Kumara Swamy S.K, Lecturer

Department of Biology

1.Sahana G.J, Lecturer

Department of Urdu

1.Reshma Kouser,Lecturer